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Our church is a place where we seek to join God in His mission. We believe God is at work around the world, and we desire to be a part of seeing Him gloried and followed in the hearts and lives of all people (Habakkuk 2:14). It is essential to us, as a church, to be faithful and obedient to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), and we believe that you will find a place here to follow the command of Jesus to GO.

Other key aspects of our mission endeavors are faithful prayer and giving to support work around the world. We encourage everyone to prayerfully consider serving on a short-term mission team. Who knows where God may take you! There are opportunities for everyone – no matter your God-given gifts and personality - there is a place for you to serve if you are willing to GO.


Short-Term Trip Info


Short-term mission trip opportunities


March 4-11, 2023

This trip will be a men-only trip.

In Ecuador, we will work with fellow believers engaging their communities by doing door-to-door evangelism and community outreach to share the love of Christ. God has opened a door for us to advance His mission and story in Ecuador. Don’t miss this historic trip. 

spacer-long.pngmanaus, brazil

May 24-June 2, 2023

Come and assist Brazilian churches in making disciples by sharing the love of Jesus on the Amazon River Basin. We will travel along the river sharing the gospel through VBS, men’s and women’s ministries, and medical clinics. 


June 9-20, 2023

Engage Hope Ministries serves the people of Uganda by working with local pastors to focus on HIV/AIDS awareness, evangelism, and discipleship training. They reach thousands of people for Christ through Christian education, church planting, medical outreach, and other humanitarian efforts. 

Matamoros, Mexico

August 31-September 4, 2023

The Seeds of Love organization supports the Angels of God Children’s Home in Matamoros. This ministry was formed to help the less fortunate children of Mexico and to expose them to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This holiday weekend is a great time to serve with your family! We will provide fun Bible studies and stories, games, and many other activities. We may also work on various construction projects around the campus. 



October 2-9, 2023

This is a ladies-only trip.

Come and work with The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services. They seek to help women discover themselves, be free to make decisions relating to their lives, and access resources to sustain themselves and develop their skills. Our church has been invited to help host one of their conferences. You will spend time developing relationships and sharing your story on how Christ has changed your life. You will also have the opportunity to see some the ancient sights around the country. 


November 2-6, 2023

Promise Home is a non-profit organization run by church members, Bill and Connie Hayden. In Honduras, only 15% of children make it past the seventh grade in school. Poverty, violence, and broken families are the norm there. Promise Home takes inthese children and raises them in a safe and nurturing environment. Our mission will be to serve the children and workers through various projects at the orphanage and in the community.


spacer-long.pngspark ministries:
Seattle, WA

November 2-6, 2023

This is a ladies-only trip.

SPARK Ministry provides women living in long-term, faith-based recovery centers, a weekend retreat they will never forget. We offer residents a weekend filled with dynamic Bible Study, praise and worship, gifts of love and encouragement, meals, fun-filled outings and lots of laughter. Throughout the weekend, relationships are built; walls of separation, discouragement, and hopelessness begin to fall as these women experience Christ's love through the hands and hearts of the SPARK Ministry volunteers. 



February 10-18, 2024

This is a ladies-only trip.

Community House Damaris is a safe house started by a local pastor and his wife to assist women who have escaped forced prostitution. Community House Damaris offer housing and female program services designed to nurture and equip women. Our team will come to celebrate the women’s progress, build relationships, share your testimony, worship God, teach the women in the program new skills. Join our church in moving toward the broken hearted, to bring truth and life.  





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